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Recipe - Crab

Dorset crab with seaweed cracker, oyster mayo and flowers


100g picked white Dorset crab meat 5g edible flowers Seaweed cracker (make the day before) 5g dried seaweed 50g sushi rice 1g salt

Oyster Mayo:

2 rock oysters 50ml mayonnaise


Over cook the sushi rice in water until it’s very soft, drain off any excess water and blend in a food processor with the seaweed and salt until smooth Spread out thinly onto a tray and dehydrate for about 4 hours until it just snaps Take small pieces and deep fry till the seaweed puffs up, season with salt. Pick through the crab to remove any shell, place into the fridge until needed.

Blend the mayo and oysters till smooth and taste for seasoning. Season the crab heavily with black pepper, a little lemon and some salt

Arrange on the bottom of a plate and finish with the oyster mayo, seaweed crackers and edible flowers.


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