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Recipe - Pumpkin cornbread

An American Thanksgiving recipe with a twist - Pumpkin cornbread with maple butter and mint


For the cornbread:

110g cornmeal

110g flour

1 egg

150ml milk

5g salt

1tsp baking powder

1tsp baking soda

75g pumpkin puree

100ml of maple syrup

For the maple butter:

100g soft butter

50ml maple syrup



Mix all the flour, cornmeal, baking powder and baking soda together then slowly mix in the eggs and milk.

Fold in the pumpkin puree until smooth.

Place a ladle of the corn bread into a skillet that’s been heated with a little butter (if you don't have a skillet you can use a small cake or bread tin)

Place in the oven for 12 minutes at 200.C till cooked through

Once it come out of the oven pour over 100ml of maple syrup and allow the syrup to soak into the cornbread

Combine the soft butter and maple syrup together and place on top of the cornbread, then finish with a little fresh mint


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