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I am currently hosting a residency at Stoney Street in Borough Market, London. Available every evening from Wednesday to Saturday throughout the summer of 2021.


It will showcase innovative, forward-thinking dishes and cooking techniques that will be focused on beautiful Irish grass-fed beef, British produce, sustainability and reducing food waste.

I'm aiming to utilise every element from each ingredient, from nose to tail cooking, using as much of the animal as possible and championing unsung off-cuts such as onglet and cheek to recycling coffee grains into desserts and repurposing produce that would have normally been thrown away.

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I'm also consulting on brand collaborations, private events and content creation, If you wish to discuss any ideas please do not hesitate to contact me or for more information please check out my consultancy page

I also organise Hospitali-Tee events to help promote mental health and well being amongst hospitality professionals.