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Questions for creatives

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

An interview for No Bad Food Lab asking questions for creative people.

Foragers, Producers, Farmers, Growers, Artists, Designers, Barmen, Cheese Mongers, Fish Mongers, Butchers, Hospitality Managers, Potters and More!

All of these incredible professions support the experience that we as hospitality workers try to create, they each have a voice that needs to be recognised and respected. We hope that the creation of this project will somehow insight or inspire someone on their journey in life

You can see my answer below but check out NoBadFoodLab for other creative features

Favourite Ingredient - Coriander or Marmite, love cooking with them (not together obviously)

Best Meal - Paul Bocuse’s 3 star in Lyon, flawless cooking and also got to meet the legend himself

Biggest Career Influence - Most of the chefs I have worked with, you never stop learning, it doesn’t matter what level they are at they can always teach you something,

Three most important attributes for a young chef: 1 - Enthusiasm 2 - Humility 3 - Passion


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