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Recipe - Banoffee Pie

She may not look like much but she packs a punch 🤜 Banoffee pie with an oat biscuit base, rum cream and toasted coconut 👊🏻💥 Recipe below 👇🏻⁣


80g Butter⁣

200g Oat biscuits (hob knobs etc)⁣

1 tin Condensed milk⁣

3 ripe Bananas⁣

250ml Double cream⁣


Desicated coconut⁣


Place the tin (unopened) of condensed milk into a pan of water and simmer for 4 hours⁣

Allow to cool in running water then open the tin and you will have a toffee (magic hey)⁣

Crush the biscuits and mix with the melted butter and press firmly down into a cake mould or ring and allow to set in the fridge for 15 minutes⁣

Spread the magic toffee evenly over then arrange slices of banana on top⁣

Whip the double cream and add rum to taste (always add an extra splash) and add to the pie⁣

Finish with toasted coconut and devour in one sitting


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