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Recipe - Pan-fried panettone

I've re-created one of my favourite family traditions using quality grass-fed Irish Butter - A pan-fried panettone topped with spiced whipped grass-fed Irish butter and a caramelised milk crumb

Spiced pan-fried panettone


1 panettone

2 blocks of butter

50g Milk powder

Lemon verbena or mint


Take one block of butter and brown in a pan till it noisettes, then place into a bowl and chill in the fridge

Once cooled, place into a mixing bowl and whip till fluffy, then set aside

Next, take half a block of butter and melt it in another pan; add the milk powder and heat gently whilst whisking till the powder caramelises then drain and place the milk powder into a bowl

Now cut the panettone into big pieces with each one a serving, add the remaining butter into a pan and gently pan fry till golden on all sides.

Place the toasted panettone onto a plate and top with the whipped butter, caramelised milk powder and finish with a herb like lemon verbena or mint


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