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Recipe - Dalgona & Bailey's Doughnuts

I'll see you your 'Dalgona Coffee' and raise you 'Dalgona & Bailey's Doughnuts' 🍩 recipe below peeps👇🏻


7g dried yeast (good luck getting that) ⁣

70g caster sugar⁣

500g plain flour (and that) ⁣

315ml milk⁣

80g soft butter⁣


Mix the sugar and yeast with luke warm milk and allow to ferment for about 10 mins⁣

Knead everything else together in a mixing bowl, add the yeast mixture and knead for about 5 mins⁣

Place a wet cloth over the bowl and prove, once risen knock back the dough and roll into 60g balls then place onto a greased tray and prove again

Deep fry for 10 minutes at @ 160.C untill light inside and place onto some kitchen roll⁣

Roll in the sugar mixture and allow to cool slightly before piping in the Dalgona & Bailey's cream⁣

Sugar rolling mix⁣

100g sugar⁣

1 tsp cinnamon⁣

1 tsp five spice ⁣

Dalgona Bailey's cream

3 tablespoons instant coffee⁣

3 tablespoons sugar ⁣

3 tablespoons hot water ⁣

100ml baileys ⁣

300 ml double cream ⁣

Mix the coffee, sugar and hot water together and whisk until fluffy⁣

Pour in the Bailey’s and cream and whisk till smooth (add more Bailey's if needed 😉)


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