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Jammy Dodger

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Jammie Dodgers are back with a twist in London restaurants

There’s a rumbling in the biscuit tin. Shortcake sandwiches filled with sticky strawberry jam may be a nostalgic treat but this summer they’ve been refashioned as desserts, and not as you’ve seen them before.

The new Soho House in White City has a Jammie Dodger ice-cream sandwich filled with raspberry ripple on its dessert menu and Jack’s Bakery at Sunday Upmarket on Brick Lane has introduced gluten-free Jammie Dodger fudge — it’s the customers’ favourite.  

At Blueprint Café by Tower Bridge the creation has been a labour of love: chef patron Mini Patel spent two months perfecting the ultimate biscuit base but has finally achieved a biscuit that is

“short but not too crumbly, not too sweet so as not to overpower the jam, and one that bakes but doesn’t colour too much”.

His refined Dodger is served on hay-infused burnt cream and filled with a different jam each season — so far he’s tried rhubarb, raspberry and apple.

Meanwhile, Duck & Waffle in Bishopsgate fills its version with chilli jam to give the treat a savoury twist. Chef Tom Cenci says it’s a hit with diners. For many, the memories are specific.

You can read the full article at the Evening Standard


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