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Recipe - Beef cheeks & dumplings

This dish is a winner on a cold day but is elevated with using beef cheeks which become super tender when slow-cooked. It's my favourite one-pot wonder to make, which is excellent if you don't like washing up and can also be made the day before you need it too, as reheats well


2 Beef cheeks

300ml Red wine

2 Tomatoes

30g Tomato paste

Beef stock or water

2 Garlic cloves

3 Carrots

3 Shallots

4 Celery sticks

1 bunch Parsley

75g Suet

150g flour




Place the cast iron pan on the stovetop and add a little drizzle of oil and gently heat

Cut the beef cheeks in half and season with salt and pepper, sprinkle with a little flour, add to the pan, and colour on both sides then deglaze with red wine.

Allow the wine to reduce by half then add the garlic, tomatoes and tomato puree and cookout for a few minutes, cover with beef stock or water and leave on the stove till it comes to a simmer, place the lid on and turn down the heat to a gentle simmer and allow to cook for 1 hour

Meanwhile, wash and peel your vegetables (this can be done in advance to save time) then roughly cut everything into small 2-inch pieces.

Add the chopped vegetables to the cast iron pan and simmer for another hour until the cheeks are tender. You can check if the cheeks are ready if they tear apart easily.

Make the dumplings by mixing the suet and flour into a dough and season generously with salt and pepper and chopped parsley

Roll into small balls and place into the pan and gently cook for about 8 minutes till the dumplings expand and become soft

Allow to cool slightly before serving


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