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Recipe - Elderflower sponge cake

Elderflower, vanilla and gooseberry jam sponge cake


320g Butter⁣

320g Sugar⁣

320g Self raising flour⁣

6 Eggs⁣

1 Vanilla pod (an extract is also fine)⁣

300ml Double cream⁣

200ml Elderflower syrup (see previous posts)⁣

170g Gooseberry jam⁣

Icing sugar⁣


Cream the butter and sugar then slowly add the eggs whisking until light and fluffy⁣

Carefully fold in the flour then spread evenly into two cake tins (about 20cm each) lined with nonstick baking paper⁣

Bake for about 25 minutes at 180.C until the knife comes out clean when inserted⁣

Allow to cool slightly on a wire rack and turn out and peel away the baking paper⁣, then brush with half of the elderflower syrup

Now whip the cream with the vanilla pod and the remaining elderflower syrup to a soft peak⁣

Spread the cream over one of the cakes and the gooseberry jam over the over then sandwich the cakes together⁣

Finish with a dusting of icing sugar and serve with a drink made from the Elderflower syrup (a boozy one always helps🍸)⁣


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