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Recipe - Rose & Ginger Rocky Road

Filled with Turkish delight, crystallised ginger, nuts, biscuits and rose, this was also made from chocolate that would have usually been thrown away such as imperfect truffles that can’t be reworked or chocolate that's past it’s best before date but still perfectly good to eat


600g dark chocolate

150g unsalted butter

100g Turkish delight (cubed)

100g Ginger nut biscuits

50g crystallised ginger

40g toasted pistachios

20g toasted hazelnuts

1 tsp of ground Ginger

Few drops of rose essence

2 tsp dried rose petals


Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.

Add all the ingredients and mix through

Pour into and baking dish/tin lined with parchment paper.

Cover and allow to set in the fridge then cut into chunks and enjoy


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