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Recipe - Summer Peaches

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

A great summer recipe to use seasonal ingredients, so simple to put together too

Peaches with goats cheese, cobnut and wood sorrel 

Find the full recipe here - Staff Canteen


2 peaches (must be ripe) Wood sorrel 10g cobnuts (hazelnuts can be used instead) Olive oil

Goats cheese cream: 300g goat’s cheese (rind less) 60g buttermilk 60g yoghurt (Greek is best) 10ml full fat milk


Blend the goats cheese, buttermilk and yoghurt together till it becomes smooth Add a little full fat milk if its too thick, place into the fridge and allow to set. Slice the peach into segments and arrange in a bowl Place a spoonful of the goat’s cheese cream on top and finish with wood sorrel, and some toasted cobnuts

Season with a little salt, pepper and olive oil.


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