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Recipe - Toblerone chocolate & pear cake

An easy cake recipe for any occasion (well who needs an excuse to eat cake anyway?)

You don’t have to use Toblerone and can substitute for another type of chocolate


140g self-raising flour 175g butter 140g brown sugar 2 large eggs 4 ripe pears 100g Toblerone chocolate


Rub the butter, flour and sugar together in a mixer

Slowly add the eggs till it forms into a cake mix

Peel and core the pears and then slice into small chunks

Crush the Toblerone into small pieces and both the chocolate and pear to the cake mix

Stir for about 30 seconds and then place into a greased cake tin

Bake at 160.C for 50 minutes till cooked (test by putting a knife into the mix and it should come out clean)

Allow to cool and then enjoy


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