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Spiced Lamb kofta with almond aioli

Check out the make at home version of the spiced lamb kofta with almond aioli that I have served in my restaurants



500g Lamb mince⁣

100g Rose harissaa ⁣

1/2 Bunch coriander (chopped)⁣

6g Paprika⁣

1g salt⁣

Almond aioli:⁣

100g Mayonnaise⁣

Almond essence ⁣

1/2 clove garlic⁣

Almond flakes (toasted)⁣


Pomegranate molasses⁣

Any fresh herbs like mint, coriander, chives etc (chopped) ⁣


Mix everything together for the koftes and taste for seasoning by cooking a little bit first. When happy roll into 70g balls then shape into rectangles⁣

Make the aioli by blending the garlic and mayo together then add a few drops of the almond essence (bonus points if you make your own mayo)⁣

Pan sear the koftes for a few minutes on each side then roast in the oven @ 180 .C for 7 minutes. ⁣

Allow to cool slightly then brush with the pomegranate molasses and top with fresh herbs. ⁣

Serve with the almond aioli finished with toasted almonds


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